You may have chosen to drive something a bit more special than a standard vehicle or you may have a fleet of family vehicles parked on your drive. It’s therefore important to consider an insurance cover that includes features you wouldn’t find in ordinary standard cover. Detailed below is an overview of the features and benefits you can expect:

The benefits of fully comprehensive cover

Whatever car you are driving, even those not owned by you. As the policyholder you could drive someone else’s car fully comprehensively, with the added advantage that anyone over 30 years old can also drive your cars – fully comprehensively with your permission. Ideal if you need to move cars from one location to another or if you require transport to the airport in the comfort of your own car, making the art of delegation that bit easier.

A guaranteed value

In the unfortunate event your car is written off, a specialist motor insurance cover will pay you up to the agreed value or replace it with a brand new car if less than a year old and one is available.

Your individual choice of garage

Specialist motor cover insurance enables you to choose the garage where repairs are carried out, thus making the whole experience as convenient as possible for you. Some options also offer a three-year guarantee on repairs carried out by an approved garage.

A courtesy car similar to your own

Should you have the need to borrow a courtesy car for the duration of repairs, we will arrange a like for like vehicle. It is no use providing you with a small car that doesn’t match up to your needs or expectations.

An unlimited number of foreign trips

If you travel abroad your car will be covered for an unlimited number of foreign trips, up to a maximum of 90 days per trip. This includes European breakdown cover.

Peace of mind

You can rest assured knowing you have cover in place for your personal plates, lock replacement and audio system. You will also be protected in the unfortunate event you can’t drive due to ill health or if you lose your licence.

Regular information on the process of any claim

We will provide you with access to a 24/7/365 helpline so you can keep track on the status of your claim and find out when you’ll be back on the road in your car.

All of the above linked to competitive premiums and a product that keeps you in the manner in which you are accustomed to. There may of course be cheaper quotes out there but they certainly cannot offer you the benefits detailed above provided by specialist insurance covers – so why not talk to Emma Patrick at Riskworks Business Services Ltd today on 01625 547754 or email