From your 6.15am alarm call to lights out and head on the pillow, you’re transmitting and sharing data throughout your day. Just take a moment to think about a day in the life of your data journey and how quickly personal and business information is shared going about daily routines:

7.30am – Catching up on Facebook

Along with authentication information, Facebook will track how long you dwell on posts and of course log which posts you ‘like’ and comment on in order to optimise your experience. When you upload an image you can also tag the location

9.13am – Sending an email

The email header will track the IP address of the sender, as well as all the computers the email has been sent through

10.43am – Check your bank balance

Banking apps / websites are usually fairly secure. If using an App some authentication maybe stored on your device of access.

1.14pm – Doing some online shopping

A large number of sites use tags or cookies to track searches and then display adverts from other sites.

6.04pm – Using a health recording App

Types of data that may be collected and transmitted include heart rate, steps and location

8.43pm – Reading an online article

Some sites use adverts to help support them. Adverts showing your previous browsing history and behaviour may appear. Others may track how many articles you read and ask for your to subscribe to read more.

Tracking back through your day indicates a large amount of data leaked into the world. Not only personal information but some accessed through company equipment and systems.

What could be the consequence of your normal daily routines and do you have a cyber liability plan and insurance in place?

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