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Home Insurance – Your Guide to Managing Trees and Subsidence

The ever changing weather conditions and the increase in hot dry summers and comparatively dry winters in recent years has seen an increase in subsidence in buildings and properties. Subsidence is the downward movement of the ground supporting the building. Damage occurs because the movement is often uneven, causing cracks in walls, floors and ceilings.  Continue Reading »

What are the best jewellery investments to make your money bling?

Jewellery is more than just a luxury accessory. It is a fashion statement which can be held as an investment piece. Enjoy the sparkle of a gemstones investment While jewellery fans and collectors should admire key pieces of jewellery for their individual beauty, a key part of their attraction comes from the value of stones  Continue Reading »

Hi-tech car thieves’ access to your vehicle is evolving at a fast rate.

Watch out for the hi-tech car thieves. Technology has made vehicles safer and more efficient but thieves are exploiting weaknesses in the latest systems to compromise security and steal high-performance cars to order. Car hacking One of the most common hi-tech thefts, widely known as car hacking, targets vehicles with keyless ignition systems: Thieves use  Continue Reading »

Why specialist motor insurance is far from the ordinary

You may have chosen to drive something a bit more special than a standard vehicle or you may have a fleet of family vehicles parked on your drive. It’s therefore important to consider an insurance cover that includes features you wouldn’t find in ordinary standard cover. Detailed below is an overview of the features and  Continue Reading »

Love your collections – we do too with specialist covers

It is true that in Britain we are a nation that loves to collect things from fine art to stamps to medals, coins, even comic books or toy cars. In fact, the things we choose to collect are as diverse as those who do the collecting. Some may be older collectors who have built up  Continue Reading »

Underinsurance – Do your sums add up?

The consequences of being underinsured are often a reduced pay out from an insurer, when you need it the most. Research clearly shows that most UK homes greatly underestimate the value of their general contents and possessions. Why are so many homes across the UK underinsured? Accumulation: Our possessions grow over time – another set  Continue Reading »

Student safety tips and insurance cover – what they need to know

It’s the time of year when your son or daughter is about to start university. They are going to be living away from home, probably for the first time. As you know it is a big wide world which, needs a whole lot of experience to navigate in a safe manner and of course, do  Continue Reading »

Home security solutions and the impact on your insurance

Keeping your home protected against opportunistic thieves is important for both your peace of mind and to keep your possessions safe. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and that’s where home security comes in. If you’re the victim of burglary and your home isn’t properly secured, you may find that your home insurance provider  Continue Reading »

Do you have risks that require specialist home insurance?

Many buildings and properties don’t fit neatly into a box marked ‘standard’, perhaps because they have a thatched roof, subsidence issues or are a listed building. Unusual homes or residences can be easy on the eye, but they can prove difficult to insure. If you currently own or are planning to buy a ‘non-standard’ property,  Continue Reading »

Riskworks guide to insuring your overseas holiday property

Riskworks: Guide to insuring your overseas holiday home through a broker Insurance cover for your home is paramount. Comprehensive safeguard against risks such as fire, flood, theft and accidental damage can make sure that, in the unfortunate episode of making a claim, your home quickly returns to normal. For overseas holiday home owners, all these  Continue Reading »

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