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Cybersecurity Considerations for Your Business Continuity Planning

There is no doubt that businesses and organisations of all types and sizes must include cybersecurity concerns in their business continuity plans, and they need to sit side by side with the more traditional threats, such as severe weather or supply-chain disruptions. However, cybersecurity necessitates a different level of attention, because a cyber attack or  Continue Reading »

Cyber threats – How can companies brace for the storm?

Governments and industries worldwide are engaged in a race without a finish line.  Adversaries will be continually adjusting their strategies and be identifying new targets and more destructive attacks. While there are many technological advances that will form part of the solution, businesses need to be looking at the organisation as a whole identifying the  Continue Reading »

Organisations can leverage GDPR compliance to strengthen overall cyber risk management.

Complying with the GDPR by 25 May 2018 is a business-wide challenge that will take time, tools, processes, and expertise. It may also require significant changes in an organisation’s privacy and data management practices. But focusing on the scramble to comply with GDPR, while important, misses the broader impact that compliance efforts are having. In  Continue Reading »

Business Continuity: Why it should be top of your business priorities for 2018.

Companies today face an unprecedented number of exposures. Disasters come in all manner of shapes and sizes, the question is have you got adequate plans in place to deal with all eventualities? Taking steps now and producing a plan provides a better chance to reopen a business quickly. Without a business continuity plan, one in  Continue Reading »

Cyber – Are you constantly transmitting data?

From your 6.15am alarm call to lights out and head on the pillow, you’re transmitting and sharing data throughout your day. Just take a moment to think about a day in the life of your data journey and how quickly personal and business information is shared going about daily routines: 7.30am – Catching up on  Continue Reading »

Architects Know How – Your Insurance Tool Kit

Keep ahead of your competition with our works insurance tool kit If you’re an architect working on a high-value domestic renovation, you need the knowledge and skills to give your client the very best advice on a spectrum of issues. By adding a little insurance know-how to your toolkit, you put yourself ahead of the  Continue Reading »

Hi-tech car thieves’ access to your vehicle is evolving at a fast rate.

Watch out for the hi-tech car thieves. Technology has made vehicles safer and more efficient but thieves are exploiting weaknesses in the latest systems to compromise security and steal high-performance cars to order. Car hacking One of the most common hi-tech thefts, widely known as car hacking, targets vehicles with keyless ignition systems: Thieves use  Continue Reading »

What is Ransomware?

Definition: A type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Although ransomware is usually aimed at individuals, security experts have warned that ransomware is the fastest growing form of computer virus and it’s only a matter of time before businesses are targeted as well.  Continue Reading »

Employer’s Liability Insurance – the only business insurance required by law.

What is it? Employers’ liability insurance protects you against claims made by your employees for injuries and illnesses they suffer at work. It pays any compensation you’re liable for and your legal defence costs, too. Who needs it? The policy wording uses a really broad definition of ‘employee’, it’s safe to say that most UK  Continue Reading »

Top tips for educating employees about Cyber Security

Over the last year the world has become well accustomed with the idea of cyber data breaches. It seems like a new huge data breach has been reported week after week. From Talk Talk to Ashley Madison, with each breach exposing more records than the last. While these threats are most often initiated by outsiders  Continue Reading »

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