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Monthly Archives: November 2014

A luxury time piece for life and not just for Christmas : make sure you have adequate cover.

Whether you already have an expensive watch or intend to purchase a valuable timepiece, it is important to have the correct cover. Owning a luxury watch such as a Rolex, a Patek Philippe, Jaeger Le Coultre or a Cartier, then you have made a significant investment. But have you ensured that your purchase is fully  Continue Reading »

Home Insurance: What are classed as buildings and what are classed as contents?

People often use the terms “home insurance” or “household insurance” in a general way to refer to insurance that covers any aspect of their home and belongings. However, these policies are usually split into separate sections – “buildings” and “contents” – and not all policyholders will be covered under both sections. It is also possible  Continue Reading »

Business Interruption General Claims Tips

What would you do if unforeseen circumstances such as a fire, flood or major theft left your business premises unusable? It’s important to consider how you would keep your business running in the interim to maintain relationships with your clients and suppliers. If a crisis were to hit your business, would you be ready to  Continue Reading »

SME’s urged to take action against Cyber crime

Small businesses are underestimating or even ignoring the threat of cyber crime, according to a government panel of technology experts. Six out of ten small businesses have suffered a malicious breach in the past year according to figures from the government – and half of them had a serious incident. Ed Vaizey, minister for culture  Continue Reading »

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